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My name is Kay and I live in Hull - but please don't hold that against me.

This is my third blog in as many years, which may lead you to believe that I have a little problem with commitment. I am going to state for the record that this is NOT true, which is why I change careers, country of residence and hair colour every couple of years. Originally I started blogging to keep in touch with friends while I was living in Japan, the major flaw being that I forgot to mention to them that I was doing it. My enthusiasm waned. Plus at that time I was way too busy and important to tell everybody all about the exciting life I was leading. Now I am trying to grow up and have plenty of time to inflict the tediousness of my life on you. Hoorah! My second blog was on the brief cultural phenomenon that was myspace and below (because apart from being practically perfect in every way I am spectacularly lazy) you will find my blurb from that.

I can enjoy anything if I'm in the right mood and the right company. I love dancing in my kitchen, stripy blue mittens and square toed shoes. I like to argue - I miss being near my closest friends who I can properly debate with without offending them. I break something at least once a week. I don't believe in god. I do believe in fate. My favourite ice-cream flavour is chocolate fudge chunk. I am happiest when I'm travelling in a different country for the first time. I love finding and sharing new music that I totally adore but get annoyed if other people don't share my enthusiasm, which I know is out of order. I am appalling with money. I can shop with gusto for exactly 1 hour 26 minutes before I am bored out of my brain. I love words and collect my favourite ones in a book. I cry too much at fictional films and books and not enough about real life. I would swim in the sea every day if I could.